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What would your mother say?

I know we are living in a new world, one where technology rules and we can get the word out in 140 characters but come on really?
I always struggled with the five words in the title… What would your mother say….

I would hear this growing up in several different venues… from school, the back yard, and within certain groups. They were the dreaded words many of us didn’t want to hear.. the only other ones worse are “wait til your dad gets home..”
I am now married and parent… my parents are both deceased and I live in a different state but those words have been ringing more and more true as the world of instant messaging, twitter and facebook grow more and more popular.
I often sit and read various posts from students, adults and peers and think.. what would your mother say? or would you say such things in front of her?
I unfortunately feel some would simply reply yes but to the rest of us…
What do our words communicate? What message are we communicating to the world?
Is the message getting the results you and I hope for? Are we really needing to use that example, or some of color words or some photos that just aren’t acceptable but we justify them with simply words… like everyone is doing it, or using them so it is ok…. who cares, I was angry….
My head and heart are challenged to confront this one within my heart but also to the social media world.
I recently attended a funeral of a 91 year old lady, she was a mother, grandmother and great grandmother to some of the most special people in my life. During the service the minister began talking about her legacy… now we hear the word a lot these days but not in context of social media…
I would like to ask a simple question… What sort of legacy are you creating for your kids, grand kids and great grand kids? Will the post you use, pictures you are in and words you tweet building a great legacy of honor, something to be proud of or not?
It is in the day to day situations in life when we need to be most mindful of what we say, how we say it and to whom…
I can admit to posting, saying, tweeting things my mother wouldn’t appreciate or accept… and I am being challenged to change this and realize the short term and long term effects of things we say and post in social media… maybe you can call me a freak but at some point in life we need some accountability, for me my mom kept us accountable or we felt it…
If your mom or grand mother could see it would she be thankful or disappointed… maybe it is time for a change.

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