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Dear 16 year old me…

Dear 16 year old me is a campaign to bring awareness to the damaging effects of melanoma, skin cancer that if untreated will spread to the brain and result in death. I thought the video was awesomely put together to educate teens and wanted to pose the same question to you…
Dear 16 old me… I want you to know it is okay to be different. It is ok to pursue girls, sports, things and careers. It is okay to be a Christian even if it isn’t popular or fun at times. It is okay to be strong in your convictions (though at 16 the word convictions wouldn’t make sense since I was not a great student. I would let myself know every aspect of life is every changing and to get out of the bubble. I would make me show more appreciation to my parents, and teachers for their investment. I was by no means a bad person.. though I did my share of stupid things.
Allow me to end with two questions:
1. What would you say to yourself as a 16 year old student if you could?
2. What teenager in your life, home, neighborhood or school can you begin to mentor and equip to navigate without regrets through the 16 year old years.
Please take the time to reflect and inflict.. reflect on your past and inflict encouragement and support to someone else…
Life is too short to waste it on things when we can spend it equipping the next generation.

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