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Time to play!

I am sitting in the local library watching 15 students all less than 11 years old, including two of my children, play Nintendo over the Internet against a sister library in another area. Yes it took the librarian a few minutes ( with the kids help) to set up the games but they are all playing and having fun. They had students pre- signup to play, show up on time and take turns playing for one hour, then the tournament begins. We are competing against them in a random race for the most wins. They will use two players and we will use two players. It is a genius idea and one the local youth ministry most likely way under utilizes.
Here is a challenge, find a friend who works with youth, get a game system and compete… Maybe. The winner gets a trophy that can be shared by the winners, I don’t know what prizes you want to share or if it is even needed but the good fun that can be shared is something often missing from our world today.
Good luck and have fun competing for Jesus


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