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Plan ahead

I think one of the most under used and need tools of the youth worker is simply to plan ahead…. I know! I know! I am struggling with this myself.
But taking a step back how can your ministry, life, family and day be improved by a simple plan? Steps to success:
1. I created a calendar for 2012 and added my logos and information to the document using 2010 Microsoft Publisher. Hey use a template they provide for Free!
2. Add Key events you know will occur, such as Sunday School, Youth Group, Mission Trips.
3. Add some deadlines and dreams
4. Continue to update and tweek it a few months out. working on January in October.
I try to add key deadlines, special announcements etc to make sure I am setting my ministry, and parents up to win.
It is a challenging cycle to begin but your life, and ministry will be so much more manageable and balanced.
Now… I have to go… time to work on that calendar…..uggh

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