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Preparing for your world series

I am still reeling from the Rangers beating the Tigers in ACLS and dreading a pink shirt at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference ( please don’t ask, just come the to convention and see).
I began to reflect on how much practice, energy, coaching, trading of players, players in the preseason getting ready and finally the big game. The Cardinals and the Rangers are playing a best series that will determine the world series champions of baseball.
Transition to Youth Ministry… How are you doing in preparing for the big game? Are you practicing your lessons, praying for your leaders and students, are you recruiting and training high quality leaders? How is your preseason preparation coming along? Do you have a vision and mission statement? Have you mapped a course bathed in prayer for the future of your ministry? Have you checked your course of direction, are you staying on course, do you need to make some adjustments?
I wanted to be transparent with you and say it is a continual process for me in setting the course of direction, of reviewing our history and current situation, of determining who we are needing to join our leadership team to help us reach God’s goal for our Youth Ministry. I am praying, reading the word and keeping my leaders in mind as I seek to please God in His ministry.
God’s speed friends.

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