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Pulling for your team!

I am a big fan of the Detroit (fill in the blank) teams. I have been since I can remember. This year seems to be a great year to be a fan.. We can usually count on the red wings, lions are playing well and the tigers are in the ALSC against the rangers.
A couple of youth worker friends associated with the Simply Youth Ministry Conference and I made a friendly wager… The challenge is simple… If we (tigers) win, they have to wear shirts during the conference referencing our greatness and buy us Starbucks. If they win, we wear pink possibly bedazzled ones… Praying this doesn’t happen lol.
Allow me to venture back into the youth world and ask you how much a following do you have for your ministry? Do you put your team shirt, hat on or have your faces painted? We need to be setting the example for our team and church in the area of pulling for our ministry. You can bet
You are either helping people support you or not…. It depends on your attitude and excitement.
I would encourage you to take some time this week and evaluate your spirit…. Make a plan to get your attitude going and share your support and excitement… It will catch

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