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What is with all the iPhone 4s hype and does your ministry compare to it?

Everyone is waiting on pins and needles, will Apple announce the Iphone 5 or not……
The answer is NOT. They didn’t introduce the new Iphone 5 but the new revised and ever so special Iphone 4S. I am not sure if that excites or disappoints you but as a tech interested borderline addict I don’t care and am not surprised one bit. The Iphone 5 most likely isn’t ready and a natural pattern would be to spice up the Iphone 4 to buy some time.

How do we as Student Ministers compare or contrast what Apple did? Allow me to challenge your assumption here.

1. We often submit a budget (generally under what we really need) to our finance team only to get a portion of that requested amount due to giving or expected giving.
2. We will have a solid plan of our ministry at the beginning of the year and as we progress through the calendar we gradually adjust and become side tracked and end the year missing the goal or plan we intended to do.
3. We preach to our students from the pulpit (youth room or class room) that we need to be continually in the Word, but we often compromise our time in the Word because someone needs us, a game is on etc. I would even say in my life on occasion if it weren’t for my lesson prep time, I wouldn’t be in the bible at all.
4. We compare ourselves to other youth ministries in our area or attend youth ministry conferences only to come home feeling the need to overhaul our ministry. I am not implying we shouldn’t attend conferences or even challenge ourselves to do quality ministry.

I am not sure if any of these examples strike a sensitive spot in your gut but I do hope you can take a minute to evaluate your ministry and approach to youth ministering. Then compare your actions with that of the actions of Apple and it’s Iphone 4S announcement. It could be a rewarding or convicting moment, either way we should reflect and challenge ourselves to bring the best ministry we can. It is important that we don’t settle for less in our ministries allowing all the hype of something coming and follow through with the end result.
God has called us to minister to students under His leadership within our giftedness and abilities not someone else abilities or gifts.
It is my prayer that we can bring high quality programs and experiences to our customers that allow them to experience Christ in unique and personal ways and to avoid the disappointment of all hype and compromise.

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