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Donuts, Junior high students and a flag pole

See You at the Pole….
I know every year on the last Wednesday of September Christian students and their leaders gather around the school flag pole to pray. Some spend time singing, some spend time chatting others just get to praying.
I had the privilege this morning of teaming up with three other area Junior High Pastors to oversee and participate in the first Junior High See You at the Pole in almost 4 years. It goes without saying challenges were present… for example… would any students show, how would the school deal with it since their principal (who is a strong man of faith) recently left his position at the school, would any parents or teachers show, would every youth worker play their part in the event….
We had a fairly slow start but gained moment… once students arrived they enjoyed some tasty Dunkin Donuts and spent some time getting to know each other, getting to know the various leaders present and waking up.
We gathered around the pole to pray for the following items:
1. The school officials, teachers, staff etc.. and the lunch lady
2. They prayed for their peers, their witness and ability to help people see and know God
3. They prayed for the moment this event has created for them to be encouraged and excited to be a Christian in their school. This is started the process for our weekly bible study.
My prayer is that students can develop a boldness to actively live out their faith in tangible realistic way.

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