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What is your outlet? Who are you supported by?

Where do you go to vent? How do you deal with the challenges and struggles of youth ministry?

Now why would I be suggesting the need for a support system? Because it is something I have come to long for, appreciate and need over the past 17 years serving as a youth worker. I have been in many different environments and situations that have provided some great moments of connections and equally challenging seasons of loneliness.

After attending the Summit, an event where youth workers head to group headquarters to discuss the future Simply Youth ministry Conference it hit me hard. Youth workers ultimately are only as good a their support system is. I don’t know where you currently fit into this area but I know I have had long periods of drought and emptiness in the name of people not understanding, being to busy doing God’s work to meet and being the only full timer in town. No matter the situation deep down I needed continual support from others in the trenches if youth ministry.

It is well worth the effort and time to reach out to other youth workers, businessmen or women or maybe a mature believe to meet with regularly. The conversations could be about work but I would recommend you focussing on heart, mind and spirit things, under skirting it all in prayer.

Check out the simply youth ministry message board, churches in your immediate area who have youth ministers, or just .hang out at Chipotle or your local coffee shop ( a hot bed for youth workers to exist).

Pray that God would open the heart of someone who can connect with you on a regular basis. It might take a friendly conversation and time to gradually build a friendship/ support system. And take the time to develop key relationships for support.

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One thought on “What is your outlet? Who are you supported by?

  1. I have a group of 5 ministers I meet with on a regular basis. It is a great support. I also have a senior pastor and children’s minister whose doors are always open. Great post!

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