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Transitions… we are experiencing transition

Transitions are a byproduct of life, they come and go in various forms and shapes. The latest transition the church is experiencing is fitting the entire ministries, and people into half of our building space, due to some building issues. The issues are totally out of our control and we are transitioning to survive. This transition is all taking place two weeks from our Family Night and Student Ministries small group season begins.
I am now playing hide and seek with which rooms we can meet in, figuring out how to communicate all that to the general population of students. Then trying to manage a whole crew of boys who are looking forward to major gym time when we can’t physically occupy the gym???
So, we are transitioning like it or not. This time has allowed us to be flexible with our time. It is forcing us to be more focused on people than space. It forces us to be more intentional and unique in our communication sources and styles.. It also forces us to pray and trust God in the transitions.
I hope we all can learn from the transitions in life that ultimately are more about conveniences and comfort zones than hard ship some people face on a daily basis.

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