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Small Groups, Leaders and You

The three things that make it all work. Smalls as we refer to small groups is something we invest a great deal of training, focus and attention to in our youth ministry. We are all internally wired to be in community with other people. God created us that way and since he has designed us to connect, we often feel left out or unimportant when we are not connected.
Allow me to share some examples of small groups… a NASCAR or Indy car race teams, high school girls basketball teams, the Rubik cube club, tennis team, football teams, academic teams and within the church: the worship team, Elder boards, staff, and so on. We often don’t realize the importance of small groups of like minded people connecting regularly for an unified purpose until we are not in the “in crowd” or are removed from that community, team.
I often bring to attention the importance of being part of the big picture through being a part of a small group.
Our focus #2 is Leaders.. every good team or group has a qualified, equipped and trained leader. The race team have Crew Chiefs, sports team have a coach and captains. The leader often plays a very important role within the group by providing leadership but also helping the group to remain focussed on the overall goal of the group.. winning the game, have the fastest Rubik solution time or keeping everyone connected throughout the week. No matter what the small group’s focus the need for a leader or several leaders can make or break the success of the group.
Finally, YOU… yes I said you. Every person on the team, in the group play an important role for the overall groups success potential. We all need to play on the team. I know from personal experience the average small group attendee or team member is vital to the success of the group.
A team without players is nothing more than a coach or leader with a plan that goes no where. A team without players is simply an one man band playing a lot of noise without any music.
As we head into the ministry season of small group, three factors with come into play… Small Group (meeting locations, material etc), Leaders (equipped and ready) and YOU.. the participant who is attending making the group what it was meant to be.. accountable, encouraging, loving and safe.
Oh, I can’t wait. See you at smalls….

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