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Waiting to the last minute… Again

Waiting….. waiting for something to push me? It seems like we do our best work under pressure. We tend to put off today what we can do tomorrow. It seems we are better at adrenaline induced production than we are at making a plan and working on it until the deadline happens. I never felt it was something that had a large impact on my life. I would say I am pretty good at getting things on a time line and efficiently working on them over a period of time but then I look at a book on my desk that is designed to help people no longer procrastinate.. Which for me makes me chuckle… yes, I bought a book that is a helpful tool to help me not procrastinate. Did I mention that I have owned the book for almost 6 months without picking it up. Great idea poor execution.

The reason I post on this subject today is more painful. I am beginning to see my kids and those who I minister to begin to learn and apply my art of putting it off long enough to have to cram it all in to get it done method into their commitment. I could easily justify this with kids today are to busy, over committed and not focused on the important things, but is that really it. Yes, many of our teens and children are way over committed to things, sports, work, honors classes, serving, giving, playing sports, and other fun stuff but am I helping them learn to manage, and deal with the busyness of life but my example. We have no problem with cramming to clean the house (shoving things in closets etc.) when we are expecting guest but get on our kids for cramming to study for their final exams. We have no problem speeding to an event because we are not leaving enough time to get there but yell at our children for not having the table set for dinner. I am assuming you actually sit down and eat dinner together. I have a growing concern and yet to take action. Something has to change.. we can no longer continue to function this way… after all we are teaching our kids to do the same.

Please take a moment today or this week and review the many things you do in a day. week or month and take an honest assessment. How does your involvement, interest, actions and follow through make a good or not so good example for those who fall under your care.

Maybe you can celebrate the accomplishments, or the success you have had in getting better with your example but I am sure if you are anything like me… you will need to make some adjustments. I can’t swing a magic wand and be changed but I can begin each day with goals and simply steps to help me help them.

Good luck on the journey of life.

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