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Emotional times

Yes, It happens every year. All across the world, students are graduating from high school and heading into adulthood, some attend college, others the military and some off to the working world. One thing that is common with all of us is the emotions we experience in the final days of our senior year.
Please take a minute to think back to your last day of school, then graduation day, then to your party and visiting friends parties. What do you recall? What emotions, feelings come to mind? How did the week play out for you?

The reason I ask is simply two-fold. I would like you to remember and realize how far you’ve come from high school and to encourage you to use those emotions to help the current senior student in processing theirs.

I met with a young lady today who was participating in a senior service day. They have no school but are encouraged to serve in the community. She was at the church with some friends to serve in our day-care school.

I asked her a couple of questions, that might be a good tool for you to use in helping them process it all:

1. How was your last day of high school?
2. What emotions / feelings did you have?
3. What are you hoping to do in the next couple of days leading up to graduation?
4. How did your commencement practice go?
5. How are things working out for your graduation party or college fees?
6. How can I be praying for you?

Please be praying and encouraging all the seniors you know as they step out of the security of high school to the unknown, unexplored world of adulthood. We all know how great an adventure it is but also all the fears that can accompany it.
Congrats seniors, you have earned it.

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