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How Not to be a Fool

We concluded our 3 week small group series last night. The material is called How Not To Be a Fool by Doug Fields, sold through

The material is out standing. You are provided various tools communicate and present the best experience for your students.

Here is my two cents,
We currently live in a society that is filled with instant gratification, getting advice that is less than stellar and a self centered mindset. I know the struggle to live in the world but not be of the world. The material does a great good of sharing some basic, simple ideas to making wise choices based on the book of Proverbs.

Here are two big nuggets to think about:

1. Is it our job as adults to force or convenience students to avoid all negative situations?

2. Would we better serve students if we bring them to God’s word and help them connect their world with God’s word?

I know the pull of temptation is overwhelming and much more accessible than ever before. So, we need to help people see the value in looking at our choices and evaluating how the actions of today greatly effect tomorrow. Maybe we need to encourage students to think before they post pictures on facebook, or think a second prior to sending a text message.

I do recommend purchasing and using this material to help you educate the students, and people you work with to being a more balanced person.

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