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Good Friday Closet

We shared a service together with 75 of our closest friends. The Student Ministries had the privilege of running the Good Friday Service again this year.
Here are some details if you missed it and reminders to those who attended.
1. Zachary O did an awesome job of creating a Closet scene with several items we hide in it.. Life an apple, and a guy being stabbed.
2. We all have various issues or secrets in our life. They are the things we have that we hope no one ever figures out. The deep dark secrets we hold close to our hearts.
3. Jesus encourages people to spend time in prayer in our inner rooms.. yes that to me is your closet, even if you have a large walk in closet.
4. What benefits would you gain by actually spending time with God working through those skeletons in your closet? How much would you benefit in your life, in worship, in career if you let God work on those things?
I know God is able and willing to heal us, deliver us and help us in every aspect of our lives…. but we need to jump into action and bring them to God.
Thanks to all who served, attended and prayed for the Good Friday Service. It was a blessing to host.

Changes are all around us.

I am currently reminded of the many changes we have in life but more so in any given day. I get the privilege of hanging out with some awesome 9th grade guys each week during our small group. We discuss a variety of things and even actually finish a lesson from time to time.
The point of this post is quite simply…. Changes are occurring all the time all around us even if we don’t want to see them or acknowledge they are happening.
Challenge for the week is to evaluate a given day of the week and see how you are dealing with those changes… Are you stubborn and resistant to change? Are you open to change if it is your idea? Are you open to change within your comfort zone? Are you willing to change no matter what the circumstances?
I am right next to you in looking at these questions and the idea of change… We are all subject to the same amount of time in a day how we choose to use it is what makes the difference. Be a catalyst for change in your own life and allow that to be the example for others to see.

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