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What I learned while on mission with the youth

March 22nd marked our youth ministry return to the ESL (English as a Second Language School) in Louisville Kentucky, with the Catholic Social Services.
I had the privilege of taking 11 students and  3 other adults from our church to serve one day during our school’s spring break.
The day was eventful to say the least. We shared two sessions of time with various refugees from around the world, some where from Somalia, Iraq, West Africa, Cuba and other countries I had never heard of. We were assigned to various rooms and acted as tutors to the class. Some of the students where well into their 60’s who were learning to read and write for the first time ever.
I learned a lot from the clients in a few hours. Working with people from other countries, religious backgrounds, and ethnicity is the same. We are have things we are good at and not. We all have an internal desire to be accepted, appreciated and wanted. We all feel a need to be known and to know. You see, we are all created by the same God, for the same purpose.
I would challenge you to take some time today, away from the busyness of your life to connect with some else. Try to learn from them, and help them learn from you.
After all it is a very small world we live in.

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